Hito Komeko



Chapter 6




Favorite Color


Hito Komeko is name means Rice Grain. She has long hair. She's known for being very pretty.


She is somewhat strange. She stands on firm beliefs and does what she thinks. She often uses the men's room when the lady's room is full, which causes her to receive lectures and scoldings from many people. She is what people call "Pretty but weird."

During their first meeting she calls Ooji stupid for fussing over the love triangle and curse. But Ooji noticed that it was because of sadness and loneliness. Which causes Hito to open up about her fiance dumping her for someone else.

She envies her past self who was cheerful and honest. She enjoys eating and sleeping.

She becomes close to the princesses/princes by announcing Ooji's cup size.


During her past life she was not in love with the prince, they were just friends.

Her family owns a rice business.When she was in middle school, she was dumped by her fiance. Although the relationship was step up by their parents, Hito loved him. But he only saw Hito as something like a little sister.


Ooji SubaruEdit

Were friends in their past lives and became friends in the present.

Haruno NastunaEdit

Otherwise known as friend 1, she has a crush on Yukinashi Mashiro. But also becomes flustered around Ooji, which causes her to question her feelings.