Ibaraki Yumeji



Chapter 7




Favorite Color


Ibaraki Yumeji is an upperclassman. He has somewhat long hair. His hair color is depicted as either dark blue or purple with his eye matching his hair color. There have also be depictions where he has red hair and brown eye.


Although seen as a flirt and clingy, Ibaraki is actually really pure and shy. When Ooji stares at him too long he blushes and can't help but feel embarrassed. He don't get along well with Motochika. When Motochika and Ibaraki fight, Ibaraki usually ends up getting hit in the face.

Despite the many rumors around him, he is actually very kind. For example, even though he and Motochika don't get along, he would never use Motochika's weaknesses against him. He also helps people in need and cares for other's well being. He is also seen as an idiot.

He can be found sleeping in strange places and can't stay up past 9 pm.

He is the reincarnation of Sleeping Beauty.


He lives with his Aunt and Uncle.


Ooji SubaruEdit

Ooji is Ibaraki's underclassman. She is also the reincarnation of the Prince. Ibaraki often asks her for a kiss and hugs her from behind.

Megumi KuromoriEdit

Megumi is Ibaraki's underclassman. He is also the reincanation of the witch.

Susuharu ReijiEdit

Reiji is Ibaraki's underclassman and also the reincarnation of Cinderella.

Ibusuki MotochikaEdit

Ibusuki is Ibaraki's underclassman. He is the reincarnation of Thumbelina.