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This is a wiki dedicated to the creator of Ouji to Majou to Himegimi to, Matsuzuki Kou.


When the masculine and popular-with-the-ladies Ooji Subaru arrives at her new school, her encounter with her childhood friend Megumi and the other four “princes” of the school leads to the discovery of her past life. She is the reincarnated Prince Charming, who was a womanizer who seduced all of the princesses in the land. As a result, a jealous witch placed a curse on him and doomed him to be reincarnated as a woman for eternity. In order to break the spell, Subaru must find the “princess”—now reincarnated as men—who is her one true love!


Ooji Subaru (Prince)

Megumi Kuromori (Witch)

Susuharu Reiji (Cinderella)

Yukinashi Mashiro (Snow White)

Ibusuki Motochika (Thumbelina)

Hito Komeko (Red Riding Hood)

Chairman/Director (Unknown)

Ibaraki Yumeji (Sleeping Beauty)

Uozumi Hayato (Little Mermaid Princess)

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