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Reiji Susuharu is a male character with glasses. He is depicted with black or grey hair. According to the manga covers, he has grey eyes.


Reiji is a hard worker and also a bit sadistic. He challenges Ooji to almost pointless challenges, such as seeing who is the best teacher and who will get the watermelon. And although he sees her as his rival, he doesn't hate Ooji.

He wakes up earlier than 5:30am. He is popular and recognized as a Prince of Otogibayashi High School.

Reiji is the youngest of three brothers. He is tasked with the house chores so that his older brothers can focus on work and school. He can be found studying and cleaning the classroom. He also lectures people and can distinguish the difference between right and wrong. And most of all, he hates to lose.

He is also the reincarnation of Cinderella.

History Edit

When he was in elementary school, he fell down a hill while on a school trip. It was his near-death experience. When he opened his eyes, he saw his mother, who he rarely saw because of her work, break down crying. And there he decided to do whatever he can to survive. Because of this incident he calls himself extremely lucky and also carries an amulet that his mother gave him.


Megumi KuromoriEdit

Megumi is Reiji's classmate and also the reincarnation of the witch

Ooji SubaruEdit

Reiji's classmate and also the reincarnation of the prince. And is seen as his rival.

Ibusuki MotochikaEdit

Ibusuki is a 3rd year in middle school, Reiji's underclassman and the reincarnation of Thumbelina.

Yukinashi MashiroEdit

Yukinashi is Reiji's classmate and also the reincarnation of Snow White.