Uozumi Hayato



Chapter 7




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Uozumi Hayato has straight hair with bangs that hang down in front of his eyes. His also has very sharp looking eyes.


He has a unique sense with people. Ooji often refers to him as a herbivore. He also skips class depending on his mood, such as in chapter 9 when he became bored of making paper airplanes and decided he want to see real airplanes.

He has a lousy voice and can't sing very well. When he does sing, people who heard it experiences symptoms such as mild headache, dizziness, toothache, and motion sickness. He likes to swim because he can feel careless and it allows him to remember someone he loves, which in the prince in his past life meaning Ooji.

He is the reincarnation of the Little Mermaid. And he is also the first for officially confess to Ooji, which happens during the class trip.

History Edit

In junior high Uozumi was part of the swim team and went as far as breaking the championship record. But he didn't swim because he loved it, but to atone for his wrongdoings. His older sister liked swimming, and was much faster than Uozumi. Uozumi thought was beautiful when she swam. Unfortunately, in order to save Uozumi she became injured and can no longer walk on her own. When she learned about Uozumi's reason for swimming she became mad and yelled at him saying "If you're swimming for a reason like that then you'd better stop swimming." There are hints that she is still in the hospital.


Megumi KuromoriEdit

Megumi is Uozumi's underclassman and also the reincarnation of the witch

Ooji SubaruEdit

Uozumi's underclassman and also the reincarnation of the prince.

Ibusuki MotochikaEdit

Ibusuki is a 3rd year in middle school, Reiji's underclassman and the reincarnation of Thumbelina.

Yukinashi MashiroEdit

Yukinashi is Reiji's classmate and also the reincarnation of Snow White.

Susuharu ReijiEdit

Reiji is Uoszumi's underclassman and also the reincarnation of Cinderella.

Ibaraki YumejiEdit

Ibaraki is the same grade as grade as Uozumi.