Yukinashi Mashiro
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Favorite Color


Yukinashi Mashiro has blond hair and blue eyes. And carries around apples.


Yukinashi seems listless, but can be very straightforward, especially when it comes to Ooji. He often falls over and falls asleep in the nurse's office. He is prone to high fevers. He is loved by small animals, just like in his past life as Snow White.

He tries his best to wake up around 7:30am. He is also popular and is recognized as a Prince of Otogibayashi High School.

In the beginning of the series, he felt that his step-mother didn't like him. But later on, with a push from Ooji, he faces his mother and found that she was awkward on her approach to their relationship.

He has two younger siblings with black hair.


Ooji SubaruEdit

Ooji is Yukinashi's classmate. She is also the reincarnation of the Prince. In one chapter, while in the nurse's office, he pins Ooji to the bed and used Ooji's lap as a pillow.

Megumi KuromoriEdit

Megumi is Ooji's childhood friend and is also Yukinashi's classmate. He is also the reincanation of the witch, which is unknown to Yukinashi.

Susuharu ReijiEdit

Reiji is Yukinashi and Ooji's classmate and also the reincarnation of Cinderella.


Ibusuki is Yukinashi's friend and underclassman. He is the reincarnation of Thumbelina.